The introduction of medical claims clearinghouses has really reduced the burden of insurance providers and physicians. These clearinghouses are very helpful to the insurance providers since they use electronic billing system to offer claims to the providers, unlike the older days when everything was manual. The reimbursement to the physicians is delivered within the shortest duration unlike the home-based system in the past where medical billers were doing all the work manually. Long duration was taken in the early days by medical billers to submit claims and to make follow-ups which are not the case with the clearinghouses.

In the old days, Apex EDI denial claims formed a very long cue which gave the medical billers a very tough time at the end of every year. A lot of papers were wasted because the claims were mailed, unlike today’s clearinghouses where everything is electronic. Insurance firms also spent a lot of resources while trying to maintain the people employed to handle the emails as well as the postal claims. The introduction of the medical claims clearinghouses has greatly improved the billing process and also helping in reducing paper wastage which has been the cause of deforestation. Nowadays, billers in the clearinghouses fill the CMC 1500 form on the electronic mail system and then send a mail the claim to the insurance providers. Most physicians today have a plenty of time to treat the patients since clearinghouses have really helped to reduce time wastage. In fact, the process in the medical claims clearinghouses is quite simple.

So many insurance firms are associated with a single clearinghouse which is Apex EDI making claims submission for different patients very easy to administer since different patients are insured to different insurance providers. Clearinghouses are also helping individual patients whose their insurance providers are not in contract with the clearinghouses by just sending a mail to the insurance firm at a small affordable fee which many patients have seen to be the best way to get a quick response from their insurance providers.

 Errors in the bills are always checked before the claim is submitted to the insurance provider which is making clearinghouses to be unique. There are a lot of clearinghouses in the market and you have to make the right choice when you want to choose one. The services that are provided by the medical claims clearinghouses are so important and helping in any health sector. To read more about the benefits of medical claims, go to http://www.ehow.com/health/healthcare-industry/.


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